2017 Thursday Night Tournament Trail



Buster Boyd Landing


$10.00 Membership Fee

$40.00 per boat Entry Fee

$20.00 Side Pot (optional)

$30.00 Purse, $10.00 Fish Off, $100.00 Big Fish Award


  • Sign up the day of tournament at Buster Boyd Landing between 5:30 and 6:20 pm.
  • Blast off order for first 15 will be by drawing, remainder of field by sign up.
  • Blast off from Buster Boyd Landing at 6:30pm, check-in at 11:00pm
  • 11:01pm considered late check-in All Weight Disqualified.
  • Safety and Sportsmanship is very important, behavior by any participant that is deemed unsafe or unsportsmanlike will result in disqualification.
  • Pro Bass Angler is allowed to fish tournament.
  • Guide Rule – Any angler that has guided for bass on tournament waters within 3 days of the tournament for any method of compensation will not be allowed to enter.
  • Use of alcohol and/or drugs is prohibited during tournament hours. Tournament hours are from time the entry is paid until winnings are paid out. Use of alcohol and/or drugs will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Five (5) fish limit per boat
  • Size limit 14” or larger
  • No dead fish will be weighed
  • All participants must abide by state wildlife rules and regulations
  • No Long Lining with use of outboard motor (Use of outboard to extend cast)
  • No trolling
  • No live bait
  • All contestants must remain 50 yards from any anchored boat. (Anchored boat is considered to be any participant or fisherman that has deployed the trolling motor and is fishing in the area).
  • One place paid for every five (5) boats up to four (4) places

5 places for 50+ boats

  • Side Pot pays 70% to 1st place side pot finisher and 30% to 2nd place side pot finisher
  • Ties will be broken by team’s largest fish
  • Big Fish tie will be broken by total weight
  • You must fish 11 tournaments to qualify for Championship Tournament
  • Partner must fish at least 5 tournaments to qualify
  • No entry fee for fish off
  • There will be a Polygraph Test administered the final night of Championship and random through-out the season.
  • Tournament director’s decisions are final.

Tournament Dates

April 6th


June 8th

July 13th

August 17th

April 13th

May 11th

June 15th

July 20th

August 24th

April 20th

May 18th

June 22nd

July 27th

August 31st

April 27th

May 25th

June 29th

August 3rd


June 1st

July 6th

August 10th

Sept 15th, Sept 16th

Championship Tournament is Friday and Saturday night.

Friday Night blast off 6:30 pm - Saturday Night blast off 6:00 pm – weigh in at 2:00 am

For Information please contact Erwin Gaston 803-792-8020 or Jeremy Cabe 803-322-1794